1 min readJun 3, 2022


Imagine a moment
in our fractured world
where we are all the same -
where we are all whole.

Imagine a breath
that we all take together,
where we exhale -
and the air feels a little lighter.

Imagine a time
where we received a gift
so grand, and so delightful -
where we shared in our joy.

Imagine a classroom
where learning blossoms
so right, and so uplifting -
deep within each soul.

Imagine a cry
that we all released together
of such rejoicing that flowers
bloomed, and mountains danced.

Imagine a world
where we do not argue,
|where we find the beauty -
in how different and worthy we all are.

Imagine a day
where the only item in the news
is how we found love -
united with the same beating heart.

Imagine the possibility
that we all gather
and are gifted such promise -
where we say, we will hear and we will do!

Imagine a together
across borders, aisles, and divides
where we greet each other,
knowing that each of us is divine.

Imagine that this future
has happened before,
that we all were there -
dancing at the base of the mountain.

Imagine yourself there
and perhaps soon -
we all will be whole, rejoicing, uniting, loving -
together again.